Hey there!

I'm Courtney!

Growing up I can remember letters coming in the mail with "Careful Pictures inside" scrawled across the front in my Grandmother's handwriting. She would send photos of her beautiful mountain top home in Colorado that would make anyone jealous. Often, when we were able to visit with her, she would have a camera in her hand. I can remember talking to her about photography and during one particular conversation she said, "Courtney, what makes a good photographer is the ability to see the picture before it's taken."

 I see life through my lens and it passes by so quickly. As a mother I can't begin to express the importance of capturing those little moments before that time passes. I want to provide you with those memories.

I want to capture you exactly how you are, when you find out your family is growing, when you're glowing with motherhood, those first moments of joy when becoming parents, and when you welcome your child into the world. Capturing moments is what I do, and what I can't get enough of.

   In my spare time you can find me playing my ukulele, hanging out at a beach, shoving avocado in my mouth, drinking WAY TOO MUCH coffee, and spending time with the loves of my life; my husband, two children, and our family pets: Lady, Mini, and Scruffles!

   Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me! I would love to get to know YOU and talk with you about any questions you may have. Please email me to chat! I look forward to hearing from you!


Here’s a few more images of me looking a hot mess while shooting! ;)

Thanks to my Photography Bestie/Newborn Assistant, Brittney,
for helping to make sure your babies are always safe!